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Predictive Integrated Risk Management

Our AI risk management solutions will help improve your business decisions. 

Organizational Risk Management

Our integrated risk management solutions help you assess risk ratings and vulnerabilities to your operation. We identify operational gaps and document control designs, rate control effectiveness, and continually assess control strengths. Our advanced analytics provide a comprehensive view of your unique risk landscape, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that protect your business.

Effective Third-party Risk Management

Our solutions help you manage and mitigate outsourced service provider risk through diligence questionnaires, contract management and continuous monitoring. We enable you to identify potential risks and monitor performance to ensure compliance with vendor regulatory and policy requirements.

Streamlined Issue and Incident Management

We help you identify, manage, and resolve issues that arise within the business, limiting negative impact with a model that allows for rapid management oversight. Our incident management solutions enable you to detect, investigate, and respond to incidents, leveraging pre-determined workflow to triage, analyze, and contain incidents.

State Requirements and Compliance Management

Our solutions enable you to track licenses and manage due dates, document exams, products, and specific state requirements. With automated compliance testing, you can set up continuous and real-time access to potential risk areas, set thresholds for review, and set tasks and send notifications to relevant personnel for visibility into KRI performance.

Comprehensive Compliance Testing

Our automated compliance testing solutions enable you to have continuous and real-time access to potential risk areas. We enable you to set thresholds for review, send notifications to relevant personnel, and provide visibility into KRI performance, so you can optimize your compliance efforts and reduce the impact of potential risks.

Legal Risk Management

Identify and mitigate legal risks to your organization through effective management of legal matters. Stay informed of potential litigation risks and manage legal guidance provided to your organization. Control outside counsel spend to optimize legal expenses.

Proactive Complaint Management

Our solutions enable you to proactively identify risks to consumers, compliance program deficiencies, and customer service issues. We also report out to management on complaint trends and industry complaint insights from your peers, enabling you to optimize your risk management approach and improve customer satisfaction.

Robust Internal Audit Solutions

Our internal audit solutions bring third-line defense to the organization by raising awareness of emerging risks and capturing remedial actions. We enable you to optimize your risk management approach and improve overall business performance.
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